Study: Impact of diet and appetite on the menstrual cycle

Recruiting volunteers for a study examining diet and appetite across the menstrual cycle

You may qualify for this study if you:
• Are female
• Are 18-35 years old
• Have a body mass index between 18.5—24.9
• Have a regular menstrual cycle (~24—31 days)

These criteria are a partial list of requirements to participate in this research study. Only a study member can determine eligibility

Participation will include:
• Measurement of body composition and metabolic rate
• 10 days of provided food
• Assessment of appetite and diet in a lab and in your free time

If interested, please complete our pre-screening survey:

Or email the study team at:

Ethics ID:# H22-00874 Version: 5/20/22 PI: Sarah Purcell, PhD