Trainee Engagement Committee

The Trainee Engagement Committee (TEC) builds community and fosters constructive relationships between members of the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management. Through facilitating career-oriented programming (e.g. research seminars and workshops) as well as more informal social events, the TEC encourages trainee leadership and development by leveraging the broad backgrounds, expertise, and skillsets of our community.

The Committee is keen to gain as much insight into how trainees feel their experience within the Centre can be optimized and suggestions on programming or resources. To share feedback or get involved, email

TEC Executive Members:
President – Dr. Oliver Wearing
VP Academic – Simran Gill
VP Career Development – Nicole Ketter
VP Collaborations – Ty Sideroff
VP Communications – Alissa Taki
VP Operations – Michelle Yang
Co-VPs Outreach – Jeremy Mandy & Juliana Miyoko Wilfley

General Members:
Nathan Adams
Dorsa Arman
Kierstyn Palmer
Spencer Ursel

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