Graduate Student Q&A: Nathan Adams

Name: Nathan Adams
Supervisor: Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis
Program of study: PhD in Kinesiology

What’s your research focus ?
My research focus is investigating sedentary behaviour among people with spinal cord injury. Sedentary behaviours—especially sitting—have received attention in media and scientific literature as being connected to chronic diseases, psychological conditions, and mortality. People with spinal cord injury are less active than other population groups, and as a result of spinal cord injury they also sit for much of their day. Very little research has explored if the negative outcomes connected to sedentary behaviour are the same in people with SCI, or what solutions would be useful to reduce the impact of these behaviours.

Why did you come to UBC Okanagan to pursue your graduate studies?
I have been hoping to come to UBC Okanagan to specifically work with Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis since my undergraduate degree where I first started studying physical activity and people with spinal cord injury. Dr. Martin Ginis is a world leader in this field, continually leading international collaborations, and setting an amazing example of high quality scholarship with a focus on community engagement.

What do you love about living in the Okanagan?
The potential for exploration has been my favorite part about living in the Okanagan. In the summers, I love cycling both to commute to campus and also to explore the pathways in Kelowna, and I have learned to love winters and the cold by learning to ski and play hockey. I would never have jumped into those activities without the opportunities in the Okanagan and Canada and buddies who have helped me learn them along the way.

Where’s your favourite place in the world to visit?
My favorite places to visit are sports games back home, watching the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Kraken with my dad and my brother. I learned to love sport and physical activity while watching sports, and I improved my math skills by analyzing sports statistics. Now it is one of the ways we best stay connected.

What’s your most frequently used emoji?
Cowboy hat emoji 🤠