Clinical Research & QI Incubator

In partnership with Interior Health, the Clinical Research and QI (Quality Improvement) Incubator is aimed at expanding research and QI projects across the BC Interior. Our collective goal is to turn healthcare questions and challenges into active solutions that ultimately support healthcare delivery in the region and across the province.

The Concept

The concept of the Incubator initiative grew from a successful partnership with Interior Health and the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation. Through the purchase of donor-funded equipment, researchers are currently exploring the potential use of virtual reality therapy to treat stroke patients at Kelowna General Hospital.

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Project Intake

Submit your ideas, questions, or challenges. Examples could include a literature review of a new clinical technique, a patient experience survey, or a retrospective chart review. Together, we will determine project suitability, objectives, and timelines.

Once we have given the green light, we will assemble a project team of UBC Okanagan researchers with relevant content expertise. We will create a comprehensive project plan including methods, protocol, and ethics application (if applicable). Lastly, we will help identify and source project resources including library and student support.

We will work with you to ensure the project deliverables are achieved and provide regular checks-ins. Your input and ongoing participation (a couple hours per month) are essential to ensuring research and QI outcomes reflect true environmental conditions and maximize impact.

Upon project completion, we will communicate and share results with key stakeholders including Interior Health, UBC Okanagan, UBC Faculty of Medicine, and healthcare professionals throughout the region. We will also identify and outline next steps to ensure project sustainability.

The first intake of projects has now been completed. Our research team is currently supporting six Incubator projects. Please stay tuned for more details and timing of our second intake round.

To learn more about the Clinical Research and QI Incubator, contact Dr. Christine Voss at