The CCDPM builds collaborations with industry partners to maximize knowledge exchange and community engagement.

Curatio: Stronger Together

The CCDPM has partnered with Curatio, a BC-based digital health company, to connect and share resources with clinicians, allied health professionals, and patients. 

As part of the Digital Technology Supercluster, the Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health project combines a private social network that uses AI, matchmaking and machine learning to connect patients to support with an advanced, real time patient monitoring platform. The project was sparked by the urgent need to give healthcare organizations new tools to support patients. CCDPM researchers are collaborating with Interior Health to develop evidence-based resources and strategies that leverage Curatio’s dynamic technology. 

The new industry partnership allows CCDPM researchers to conduct effective knowledge exchange despite geographical challenges. It also supports graduate and undergraduate students to engage in content development and evaluation that directly supports patients.

Stronger Together website